What Makes Mount Hope Nursing Center Special?

Photo of Mount Hope Nursing Center team of nurses and staff at summer event

Staff Share What Makes Mt Hope a Wonderful Place to Live & Work

Photo of Administrator Gina helping a resident walk down a hallwayFor far too long, the image of what it’s like to live in a nursing home has been a bad one. Unfortunately, that is what many people still believe about nursing homes today. But if you go inside a care facility like the one we’ve been operating in Mount Hope, Kansas for nearly half a century, you will find a different picture. Instead of a cold, clinical and uncaring place, you will find a home. A warm and welcoming residence that is home to dozens of residents who truly enjoy living here.

We often hear from our residents how much they love being here because of our community areas for socialization, our many activities and events, and our beautiful outdoor views of the country that is just minutes away from Wichita. But to get a full picture of what it’s really like inside Mount Hope, we also want you to hear from those who spend nearly as much time here as the residents: our staff.

The men and women who are working inside Mount Hope Nursing Center are dedicated and caring professionals who take pride in their work and enjoy the rewards of knowing how much their kind care means to each one of our residents. Several of our staff have shared what makes Mount Home Nursing Center a wonderful place to live AND work.

Mount Hope Nursing Home is special to me because of the staff and residents. The staff is great because they are on their game and get things done. The residents are the reason why we want to come to work every day… they have their own special way of taking care of us when we don’t realize it!


The warmth I felt from the time I first walked into Mount Hope… I could only hope they would hire me. It was love at first sight. From the residents to the staff, they are all gifted in some special way. I feel very luck to be a part of the staff. We are unique. The residents are special. That’s how we work together as a big family.


It’s a privilege to be here. The people who call this home are so uplifting, they care about each other and the staff. I don’t feel like I’m working. I feel as if I’m where I want to be. Nothing is better than making a difference in lives that need all of us to be here for them. Mount Hope is compassion, love, giving, caring and strong.


Photo of 2 nursing home staff hugging in the hallway      Photo of 2 nursing home workers in a living space for residents

Join us at Mount Hope!

At Mt Hope Nursing Center, our desire to care extends to our patients and our staff. We work as a team because when we join together, our patients are cared for in the safest and most compassionate way. If you’re searching for nursing home jobs with an employer with several different career options and a service first culture, we’d love to visit with you about joining our team.

Photo of Mount Hope Nursing Center team of nurses and staff at summer event