What is a Convalescent Home?

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The difference between convalescent homes and nursing homes

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What is a Convalescent Home?

While the term convalescent home is often used synonymously with nursing home, they are really two separate things, although with a lot of similarities.

Mt Hope Front Building and SignUnderstanding what a convalescent home is and assessing whether that is the proper facility for your needs or those of a family member starts with understanding the word convalescent. As the definition above shows, a person who is convalescent is someone in need of care after an illness, injury or operation. The function of convalescing is for the purposes of recovery, to help the person resume their lifestyle and typical day-to-day activities.

This purpose of being a short-term care facility is the main difference between these two care facilities. Although many facilities, like Mount Hope Nursing Center in Kansas, provide the services of both a convalescent and a nursing home.

Convalescent Home vs Nursing Home

A convalescent home can often also be called an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility, or IRF. These facilities have medically trained staff who deliver short-term care. The people receiving convalescent care are getting temporary care to recover from some sort of set-back such as an injury, illness or operation. The goal is to restore the person’s abilities to handle the activities of daily living such as feeding, bathing, and dressing. Once the patient has sufficiently recovered, they will leave the convalescent facility to return home and resume their standard lifestyle. A nursing home is a facility, like Mount Hope Nursing Center in Kansas, that can provide similar medical and life-assistance care to patients, but typically will remain the facility the patient resides at for the long-term.

Some examples of situations that may lead to a person needing convalescent care:

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Photo of a senior woman getting physical therapy for a spine injuryConvalescent Home & Rehabilitation

Since a main function of convalescent homes is for the return of a person’s health, strength and ability to live independently again, rehab therapy is a service provided in these types of facilities. Physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy are examples of the types of rehabilitation services you will receive there.

Fields white fence view outside of nursing homeA Peaceful Place to Recover

Recovering from an illness, injury or surgery can be stressful and tiring. We at Mount Hope provide a unique atmosphere that further aids the rest and recovery you need. Being located in the small town of Mount Hope, Kansas means we can provide the small-town country feel while still being located just minutes away from Wichita and other large towns. Instead of busy highways and sound of sirens and city traffic, a stay at Mount Hope provides a quiet atmosphere to foster a quick and relaxing recovery. In addition to enjoying a nice day out on the gazebo or our front porch, we offer a variety of activities for everyone at Mount Hope to enjoy.

Convalescent Care at Mount Hope Nursing Center in Kansas

Mount Hope Nursing Center provides a variety of care services for the elderly in central Kansas. In addition to the long-term skilled nursing care we have at our nursing home facility, we also provide short-term care which includes short-term rehab services and outpatient rehab therapy.

Therapy Services at Mount Hope:
Cover of guide for Nursing Home Alternatives to Elder CareIs a convalescent home right for your loved one?

If your loved one is suffering with remaining independent in their own home in the way they once were, it is time to consider options to make sure they are safe. Perhaps a convalescent home is the right option to help them recover from a temporary set-back. But even beyond a convalescent facility, there are many other options outside of a nursing home that you should considering in determining the right choice for your loved one.

You will find information about the various levels of elderly care as well as assessment checklists to help you determine what specific care your loved one needs in our Elderly Care Guide.

Help for Caretakers

Often family members and loved ones are relied upon to care for the special needs of aging adults. Being able to provide this caretaker support, your loved one may have the opportunity to remain in their home despite growing issues that affect their daily life. If you are caring for a loved one, have you found that you need assistance at times? Mount Hope Nursing Center provides support for caregivers with Adult Day Care, Adult Night Care, as well as Respite Care.

We understand that this can be a difficult time for all people involved, and we are here to help. Many of our staff members have gone through the process of transitioning a loved one to a nursing home, independent living or coordinating home health care. Please feel free to give us a call at (316) 667-2431 or contact us online. Having cared for senior citizens in central Kansas for nearly half a century, we have worked with thousands of people with different abilities, and so we can help you find out what care is needed in your situation. We are happy to answer any questions you might have or support you in any way we can.