The Power of Jasper (and other furry friends)

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20181008 125148 Large 300x297 - The Power of Jasper (and other furry friends)Do you ever get the feeling you’re not accomplishing much? I sometimes feel that way, too. Especially on those really cold days of the winter when I can’t get out and run around in the warm sun. That snow is just too cold for my paws. But it turns out, by not doing much, I’m really doing quite a lot!

I am good for your health!

Okay, not just me… all pets. It’s a scientific fact! People with pets live healthier and happier lives. And dogs can be some of the best pets to have because we help get you out and be active with all those walks we make you take!

What if you don’t have a Jasper?

Well, it is too bad there isn’t more of me to go around (I am pretty small after all). If you’re not one of the wonderful persons I’m lucky to see every day here at Mount Hope Nursing Center, there’s still hope! There are LOTS of different kinds of animals that make great pets, and some are great especially for seniors.

Best pets for seniors

adorable animal black and white 290204 Medium 200x300 - The Power of Jasper (and other furry friends)Cats: I understand these creatures don’t demand to be taken on walks. Now, I can’t say I understand it, but this does make cats a pretty good choice for someone who isn’t quite able to handle regular walks. A cat can still help you stay active, but in a more manageable way that some people need. Simply playing with a string or dangling a toy would be a great activity for both you and your cat! Suggested breeds for older owners include Persian, British Shorthair, and Ragdoll.

Rabbits: I was surprised to hear rabbits were good for something beyond just for chasing! Rabbits can actually make great pets, especially for those with limited physical capabilities. Rabbits can live indoors, use a litter box, and some even enjoy snuggling. Angora rabbits are known for hopping up on your lap to enjoy their fur getting brushed.

adorable animal canine 1714454 Medium 200x300 - The Power of Jasper (and other furry friends)Birds: I love birds! In fact, we have several in a large birdhouse inside Mount Hope Nursing Center. I could watch them for hours and hours, but then I forget there is a glass wall and I nearly bump my nose trying to join them with their playing and flying. Parakeets, which do well in pairs, can add new life to your home with them flying around and singing. They are quieter than a lot of birds, are easy to clean up after, less prone to bite, and live about 7-10 years.

Dogs: Of course, dogs are on this list! We make great pets for a variety of reasons. But not all dogs are quite as low-key and small as me. While I am a Dachshund Maltese mix, there are other breeds that make great pets for senior citizens, such as Poodles, Corgis, French bulldogs, Yorkshire terriers, and Scottish terriers.

Older is wiser

Speaking from someone who is about to grow out of being a puppy, I can already tell I am so much more mature and intelligent. The older I get, the better boy I become! That’s why older pets may be the best choice for someone who is older themselves. Now I don’t know why anyone would think young animals like puppies might be high maintenance, but apparently some of us can be. So, getting an older and calmer animal may be exactly what you need in finding your perfect companion.

In the meantime, whether you’re in between pets or just want to visit one from time to time, I’m here and available for petting! I love all my humans here at Mount Hope and get so excited whenever a new visitor comes to tour the nursing home. In fact, sometimes I even get to help show people around! Feel free to call my Mount Hope friends and request a tour. Be sure to tell them Jasper sent you (I get extra treats!).

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