Outpatient Rehab

Mount Hope’s outpatient rehab facility is conveniently located on East Main Street in the heart of Mount Hope.

We offer a comprehensive outpatient approach that is individualized to each patient. Our physical therapist provides one-on-one care with flexible scheduling, specializing in orthopedics, sports rehabilitation, injuries, post-operative therapy, neurological therapy, and chronic pain.

Some common outpatient therapy and recoveries we work with include rotator cuff, knee, hip and back surgery as well as general strengthening and conditioning. Our goal is to provide patients with an improved quality of life through increased day to day mobility and/or functional ability that is as pain-free as possible.

outpatient rehab staff


At Mount Hope we know each and every one of our residents by name and care for them like they are family. The Mount Hope difference means our staff, many of whom grew up here, take a genuinely interest in what goes on in each resident’s day-to-day life. We are a small community, deeply invested in the well-being of each individual. We address concerns of residents and their family with compassion to ensure every resident is not only comfortable, but also well-adjusted and happy in their new home. Mount Hope is a non-profit facility with a hands-on approach that allows us to keep the best interest of our residents at the heart of everything we do.

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