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In 1973 a group of Mt. Hope residents had a vision, a vision that would return the elderly of Mt. Hope in nursing homes around the area to Mt. Hope. Myrtle Brandenberger, Olive Kissick, Ned Ward, Jay B. McCaskill, Jr., Warner Harris, and Alan Grier were among those with that vision. What an impact it has had on the city and the citizens of Mt. Hope. The vision endures and grows today.

In our time, quality of life means meeting the most rigorous standards of care. Yet our image of a home for the aging continues to be that of a warm and hospitable place, a place that we call “home”, a way of “Making Living Longer Better”, a way of building a bridge between generations and reaching out to those in need.

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It’s true, here at Mount Hope we move at a slower pace, and that’s not a bad thing! Unlike most large, understaffed facilities that have hundreds of rooms, Mount Hope is a small, rural community, where we know all of our residents by name and care for them like family – because they really do become family to us.

The Mount Hope difference means our core staff, many of which grew up in this area, genuinely care about our residents and what happens in their lives day-to-day. Our care is not limited to simply meeting the basic needs of our residents – we are also deeply invested in each individual’s well-being and happiness. We take the time to talk to residents and notice if they are cheerful one day and sad the next. We address concerns of family and residents with compassion, whether it might be bringing in a familiar blanket from home, supplying a favorite snack, or simply having someone there to listen to ensure every resident is not only comfortable, but also well-adjusted and happy in their new home.

Our staff understand that for your loved one to thrive they deserve personal attention, respect, and support just like they would receive from a family caregiver. We value each individual that comes into our community and cultivate a nurturing, familiar environment that goes above and beyond typical nursing care. Residents and their loved ones become family to us and we rejoice and grieve with them in all the ups and downs life brings.

Because we are a smaller facility, you won’t find the usual hustle and bustle that gives larger facilities a hospital atmosphere. Mount Hope truly is a community, which is why most of our staff has been with us for more than ten years. From the moment you walk through the door, our welcoming staff will greet you with a smile. We are here to listen and to help, because for us, communication and compassion are vital to the important service we carry out every day.

Mount Hope is a non-profit facility, so we aren’t here to fill rooms and make a profit. This allows us to have a hands-on approach and makes a huge difference in the way we run our facility. At all times we operate in the best interest of our residents, and honor them with the respect, high level of care, and empathy they deserve.


Mt. Hope Community Development, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation. Its mission is to provide services that will enhance the quality of life of the people we serve. We strive to meet the needs of the aging and the community at large with high-quality care and service through a continuum which includes independent living, skilled nursing care, home delivered meals, congregate meals, transportation services, and educational, cultural and recreational activities.

The professional and caring staff at Mt. Hope treats every resident like family. From respite care to long-term care, trust our trained staff to give you peace of mind in knowing your loved one will feel welcomed and well-cared for.

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Contact us to begin the conversation and to let us answer whatever questions you have. Visit our newly remodeled facility at 704 E. Main in Mount Hope, 18 miles northwest of Wichita on K-96, or give us a call at 316-667-2431.