Mount Hope in Top Four Percent of Kansas Nursing Homes

2017 10 05 1317 - Mount Hope in Top Four Percent of Kansas Nursing Homes

2017 10 05 1317 300x149 - Mount Hope in Top Four Percent of Kansas Nursing HomesMount Hope Nursing Center’s efforts in offering high-quality care have been recognized in a statewide report that ranked the facility among the top four percent of best nursing homes in Kansas.

The report, released quarterly by the Great Plains Quality Innovation Network, evaluates Kansas nursing facilities based on a composite score which reflects success in 13 long-stay measures, determined by the National Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative.

Ranking 13th of 333 facilities in May of 2016, Mount Hope Nursing Center was recognized in the report for its outstanding resident care.

‘‘We work hard to offer what our residents need and want, while offering them a safe environment.  It’s nice to see our hard work recognized,” said Gina Terry, Administrator at Mount Hope Nursing Center.

What Makes Mount Hope a Top Rated Nursing Home

Among the measures evaluated are a decrease in falls with major Injury, pain, catheters, urinary tract infections, incontinence, physical restraints, long-stay pressure ulcers, long-stay anti-psychotic medication, depression, weight loss and a number of others, allowing facilities to determine the areas in which they wish to be evaluated. Total cases of the flu and pneumonia are also taken into consideration.

In addition to being listed as a top rated nursing home last spring, Mount Hope Nursing Home has continued to maintain its impressive care record. With a current composite score of 5.24, Mount Hope Nursing Center comes in 0.76 under the Great Plains Quality Innovation Network’s suggested goal: a composite score of six or under.

“Great Plains Quality Innovation Network’s evaluation system gives us constant data, which enables us to continue setting the bar higher and higher against our peers,” Terry said.

Mount Hope Nursing Center prides itself on quality care. We are regularly honored to receive high accolades for the hard work our team does. We received recognition of exceptional quality care in regards to our zero use of anti-psychotics. We have also been rated in the Top 10% of all Kansas Nursing Homes. And even US News named Mount Hope Nursing Center among the Nation’s Best Nursing Homes.

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