Mount Hope Nursing Center Coronavirus Precaution

Update 12/1/2020 – Message from Administrator, Gina Terry

Today will be a date not soon forgotten. We have been COVID testing staff & residents for a few weeks.

Friday we had staff members test positive- Monday 5 more staff were positive.

Today we have the first residents positive.

All of the families, KDHE epidemiology, SG county Health Dept and our medical director were all notified immediately.

I want to stop here and acknowledge our staff.
Christi Moore, DON has been an unstoppable force! What a blessing she and all our staff from nursing and housekeeping & laundry, to dietary, to the business office, maintenance & life enhancement are!
9 1/2 months we’ve been able to keep the illness out. Very few facilities have made it this far. We are very blessed by our staff dedication and care of our elders. Our hope is that positive staff are all well & able to return to work in 10 days.
We’ve been prepping all along for this day. We have PPE, we have staffing contingency plans, we have extra beverages to keep our residents well-hydrated and we have the support of a great Medical Director. While it is heartbreaking for residents and their families as we shut down all but virtual, window and phone visits – it is the guidance of CMS & CDC that we must follow.
We continue to screen staff before & after shifts, monitor resident vitals twice daily, (those who tested positive will now be monitored every 4 hours) and pray.
Pray for staff to have the strength & energy to continue what we do in elder care
Pray for our residents that COVID affects them very little – not at all would be awesome!
Pray for the families who are worried about their loved ones.
We will keep taking the best care of our elders providing them with room activities, lots of encouragement and love.
Thank you for your prayers & support as we fight this battle.

Gina Terry, CEO

Update 11/7/2020 – Message from Administrator, Gina Terry

Good morning to our family & friends! Our staff were all tested Monday and were negative. Wednesday a staff member called in not feeling well. They were instructed to proceed straight in to Wichita to be tested. Said staff member has not been in the building since leaving work Monday and is of course quarantined at home. Thursday all staff tested negative.

Last evening we received word the test was positive for the employee quarantined.

Per CMS / CDC guidance all residents tested last night are negative. We are in touch with county Health Dept & will of course keep everyone updated as we have any further information.

I believe our staff are to be commended that we made it this far – almost 8 months!

Here’s what we are doing:

Staff are screened before & after each shift
Masks & face-shields are being worn by staff
Socially distancing residents
Encouraging residents to wear a mask when possible
Lots & lots of hand hygiene for staff & residents
Reminders to cough or sneeze into your elbow
Extra cleaning of high touch areas
Communicating with the health department
Continued education on infection prevention
And praying!
My continued prayers for the safety & well being of our elders, the staff who care for them & the families!
We will continue to keep you posted.

May God bless & protect us all!

Gina Terry, CEO

Mt Hope Nursing Center.

Update 9/28/2020 – Message from Administrator, Gina Terry

Staff testing ✅


We will be testing staff per CMS guidance based on county positivity rates.

We remain illness free! Thankful for great staff who take excellent care of our elders.

Thank you to the families of the elders we serve for your continued trust!!

Update 9/16/2020 – Message from Administrator, Gina Terry

Hello from our illness free home!!

2 things ….

1. Parade time is scheduled for next Thursday Sept 24 at 6:30 As always the residents LOVE to see you drive by!!!

2. I am looking for adult size pink satin jackets – and adult men’s blue satin jackets.

If you have any in your closet we would love to use them. A new club is starting that we know the residents will love!!!
Let me know if you can assist us.
Meanwhile I pray you and your family are illness free!!
God Bless!!!


Update 7/30/2020 – Message from Administrator, Gina Terry

Good morning from our illness free home! I am so Thankful for the amazing people who come to work every day – take their temperature and fill out the screening questionnaire and hit the floor to care for your loved ones. We miss seeing you with your loved one – some days it’s an overwhelming feeling of sadness. But – we have to pull up the old boot straps, put on smiles that show in our eyes – and bring our best to the elders we serve. Their resilience has been amazing to watch. They will always say they miss you – their families- but they feel safe knowing we are working diligently to keep them safe.

If you haven’t seen the post about our upcoming parade next month – mark your calendars for Aug 20! We’ll keep you updated right here on our FB page.

Thank you for your continued faith in us – we continue to stay up to date with KDHE, CMS and the Sedgwick County Health Dept. Please

keep the prayers coming!!!

God Bless!!!

Update 5/8/2020 – Message from Administrator, Gina Terry

Another week is coming to an end – our wonderful staff continue to wear face masks and take their temperatures before and after shift. Residents vitals are taken 3x a day as we continue to monitor them for illness.
With the State of Kansas beginning to open up, we are receiving many calls about when we will be open for families to return to visiting.
CMS – Centers for Medicare/Medicaid is the agency who guides this decision- not the facility administration. We would like to assure all of our residents and families that as soon as CMS says we can open – we will. Until then we continue to follow their rules. As of today we will be reporting through NHNS weekly in regards to our status of wellness / illness and PPE usage. This is another very cumbersome piece that has been added by CMS – but as always we will rise to the challenge it brings so that families have access to more information.
We already would have kept everyone informed promptly of any changes in residents status related to COVID19. With the new CMS directive – families will be notified by 5 pm the day after we receive any positive testing.
We have visited with our medical Director weekly and as changes are updated in regards to procedures for a positive test. We will immediately activate the COVID19 procedures while we isolate and continue caring for our residents.
I want to express my admiration to all affected by this virus that has imprisoned our elders and heightened anxiety for their families. What warriors each of you are!!!
Mother’s Day will certainly look different this year. Please feel free to visit at the windows of your loved one. On the weekends without as much office staff – we would ask that you not come during our meal times – from 11-12 and again from 4:30-6:00. This allows staff to deliver and assist with meals.
Thank you for your continued trust as we provide care to your loved ones!
Praying for residents, their families and our staff to be protected and strong of heart and mind
God Bless!!

Gina Terry, CEO

Update 4/3/2020 – Message from Administrator, Gina Terry

Happy Friday!!! We are all here and illness free! We hope everyone outside of our world is illness free as well! Thank you to those who continue to work with us to bring smiles and fun to our residents! We are also appreciative to those who think of our staff and have provided treats for them.

The promise of warm days & sunshine next week has us excited to go outside with our elders – they sure enjoyed some time out last week.

Your continued thoughts & prayers are appreciated!

Gina Terry

Update 3/28/2020 – Message from Administrator, Gina Terry

Good morning!! All is well – no suspected COVID virus.
We are constantly evaluating processes to see what we can do better. We have staff who’s sole job is to disinfect the high touch surfaces – door knobs, counters, arm rests on chairs, etc….. They work their way around the building all day long – when they complete a round – they start again! This is in addition to our regular housekeeping.

On a sunny note- Dillons Floral has provided flowers for us in the past. Last week we called to remind them we are out here – and how much flowers would brighten our residents room given we can’t have visitors. They called to say they had some – HUGE SHOUT OUT TO Dillons Floral at 21st & Maize Rd and Matthew Rupp for delivering them to us helping keep us safe. In spite of a flat tire he persevered and brought lots of smiles.

Staff are carrying on – although the constant pressure and lack of hugs as we practice social distancing is not easy!!! We all energize from touch from our families ~ our staff are doing awesome things including distancing themselves from their own families to protect our elders. We’ll all be ready for a huge group hug when we are in the other side of the pandemic!!!

Call us to schedule a video chat, stop by to visit at your residents window – we will do all we can to help you stay in touch!

We hope and pray for those affected by COVID that you will be well soon! Please continue to lift up our Residents, their families, staff and their families in prayer.

Gina Terry

Update 3/25/2020 – Message from Administrator, Gina Terry

Here we are looking at a beautiful bright, sunshiny day – how Blessed we are!

Nothing has changed in our world as far as virus’ are concerned – yea!!!

Hoping to get all residents some fresh air. The wind is a little high – but a few minutes outside will feel wonderful!

CDC and CMS, along with Sedgwick County Health Dept are providing daily information updates. Christi and I are getting in on all of them or the recorded version on a daily basis.
You can visit: Sedgwick
You will find all of the information available here from the agencies listed above with only one website instead of visiting multiple sites.
We have completed or have items in progress according to the “checklist for nursing homes and other long term care settings” guide prepared by CDC.”

We hope each of you are finding ways to find family time while we continue to be the best we can for your family member here.

Update 3/23/2020 – Message from Administrator, Gina Terry

Happy Monday!!! We are all here caring for these beautiful people in our home. We are still illness free and thankful for that!!

We had a very sweet gesture yesterday – I’m told family of Oda Broadhurst- who colored pictures and came and hung them on the outside of each resident’s window. The residents loved it!!! Thank you thank you!!!!

If you want to see your loved one – please call the facility and ask for Shannon. She will schedule a Face time call!

Got a phone call shortly after noon – thank you Rex Best!! Your contribution was greatly appreciated!!! Thank you Francine Potter for helping us!!!I have a couple folks making us masks – how awesome is that?We have an “event” upcoming that should bring some smiles if everything works out – I’ll keep you posted.Staff as always are rocking it out!!!Thank you for your continued prayers!!!
Gina Terry.
Update 3/21/2020 – Message from Administrator, Gina Terry

Hello all!!! Thankfully We are are still well!!! We have families coming to see their loves and visiting at the Window of their persons room. Breaks my heart for them not to be able to touch each other.
Our staff continue to do what they do best – take care of our residents like the family they are.
This next week looks to have some moderate temps and sunshine. Hoping we can get out and walk with our folks to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.
It has been over a week now that our families have not been able to come in. Thank you to all who have shown great grace during this past week
We continue to pray for our elders and their families, our staff & their families- our community – our State and our Nation.
God Bless!!

Update 3/19/2020 – Message from Administrator, Gina Terry

Good morning!! Those who have asked “what can we do”? We are looking for face masks – not necessarily N95 masks. Do you know a contractor or business who won’t be needing them immediately? Huge shout out to HALSTEAD coop for letting us purchase a box of N95. Again – just simple masks will work. Please message me here or email me at:

If you drive by and residents are outside be sure to wave!!! If you see residents outside you CAN NOT approach them – we must keep a 6’ distance! However – they all need some fresh air and sunshine!
Continuing to watch for updates from CMS and CDC.

Gina Terrry, CEO

Update 3/18/2020 – Message from Administrator, Gina Terry

Hello everyone!!! We are all still well here!!!!
I have been in communication with our Board of Director’s and thoughts going forward.
We are scrambling to provide support for our staff and local community as quickly as possible.
With the closing of the schools we are looking at how to provide A Group Day Care Home to assist our staff. It is vital that we have as many of our staff as possible ride this storm out with us.
Thank you Dave Terry and the City of Mt Hope maintenance for picking up and delivering commodities to Mt Hope this morning.
Our community center is currently closed for senior and community activities – however it is the base for commodity pick up. We will have a doorknob on the back door to ring and your commodities will be brought out to avoid anyone coming in the center.
Our fitness center will remain open with the current rules of strict hand hygiene – equipment disinfection and no more than 10 in the building
We are being as cautious as possible and are thankful staff are taking care of themselves and alerting us to any changes in their well-being.
Activities are spending 1 on 1 time with residents- this afternoon they are planting some pansies so they have something pretty to look at and care for in their rooms.
Bingo is still going on – this evening the residents will be perched at their doorways while staff in the hall call bingo. I can’t wait to hear how well that goes and the fun they have.
Off and running to provide the best care we can!! Stay in – stay safe – God Bless us one and all!!!

Update 3/16/2020 – Message from Administrator, Gina Terry

Good morning families and friends!!!
This morning all departments convened for a meeting on how we will handle the coming days/weeks.
These are our goals:
1. We will follow the CDC and CMS guidelines and develop policies and procedures based on their most up to date recommendations
Christi, DON and Gina, CEO will check morning noon and night so we are on top of any updates as quickly as possible
2. Residents well-being (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) is the number one priority as always.
3. How to meet the challenges of meal times. With many residents eating in their rooms -and yet some who need assistance- plus meal delivery.
4. Increased staffing through meal times –
5. Caring for staff morale and keeping up necessary education.

Then we’re planning room parties
The residents will be writing notes to other nursing home residents- remember pen pals?
We have gardening to get done

Our SSD will be calling you to schedule a “face time” with your elder.
And much more!

I am pleased to report we have no illness!!! And we have staff who are rising to the increased challenges with smiles on their faces!!

Thanks for your continued prayers!!

Gina Terry, CEO

Update 3/14/2020

LATEST BREAKING: Feds ban most nursing home visitors in escalation of coronavirus fight

Coronavirus COVID 19 nursing home visitors not allowed to Mt Hope
Update 3/14/2020 – Message from Administrator, Gina Terry

Mt Hope Nursing Center staff are working diligently to keep our residents safe. We had a meeting with residents this morning to explain the facts of COVID19. Residents asked questions and were thankful and appreciative of the time we sat talking with them and that their safety is our number one concern.
We asked them to tune out of the news and turn on the music or a book to pass the time. As we know “what you feed your mind” makes an impact on our physical health.
We are praying for our residents, their families, the staff and their families that this will be short lived. Your prayers are appreciated!!

Update  3/13/2020 – Message from Administrator, Gina Terry

Good morning!!! Just want all our families to know we are here doing what we do every day – taking care of the most wonderful people!!!

We continue to follow KDADS, CMS and CDC to keep abreast of any changes they want long term care facilities to do

Feel free to call us. You can use our FB page you can email me at:
I will get your message to your loved one.

I ask for your patience, your continued trust and that you pray for not only the health of our residents- but the amazing staff who provide care.

How Mount Hope Nursing Center is Working to Keep Staff & Residents from being Exposed to COVID19

Safety is our number one priority at Mount Hope Nursing Center. We are acutely aware of the current Coronavirus (aka COVID19) situation. We know that the aging and elderly are most at risk for facing dire consequences should they be exposed. We are adjusting procedures and protocols to be proactive in ensuring every step is taken to protect all those inside Mount Hope Nursing Center from being exposed to this virus.

Coronavirus COVID 19 visitors precaution for nursing home


As a precaution against exposure of this Coronavirus strain, we have taken additional measures to better protect our facility. All visitors who come to Mount Hope Nursing Center will be actively screened for prominent signs of COVID19. Any person exhibiting any of these signs or symptoms will not be permitted into our building.

If you have experienced any of these 4 signs or symptoms, we ask that you do not come to Mount Hope Nursing Center. Visitors will be asked these questions as they come to our facility. If a person answers yes to any of the questions, they will not be allowed inside.

  1. You have had signs or symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath or sore throat
  2. In the last 14 days, have had contact with someone with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID19 or under investigation for COVID19 or are ill with respiratory illness
  3. You’ve traveled internationally within the last 14 days to countries with sustained community transmission
  4. You are residing in a community where community-based spread of COVID19 is occurring

If you have any of the above 4 Coronavirus signs or symptoms, we ask that you delay your plans. Please do not come to Mount Hope Nursing Center at this time. The best way to avoid the spread of any potential contagion is to avoid contact with others.

IF YOU DO HAVE SYMPTOMS – please feel free to call us. We can arrange a phone call or video call so you and your loved one can visit.



Even if you have none of the 4 Coronavirus signs and symptoms, we ask that you limit where you are inside our facility. In order to provide the very best care we can to the elders we serve, at this time we are discouraging everyone from visiting. If you choose to come here to visit a resident, we will ask you to visit them in their room only. Do not use any common areas such as our dining room, living room.

We appreciate your assistance and understanding as we move through this.  Please know that Mount Hope Nursing Center is licensed by CMS.  These visitation restrictions are mandated by Centers for Medicare/Medicaid; therefore, we must follow their guidelines.



For further information visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) site on the coronavirus or the Sedgwick County government site on community health matters.

Sedgwick County FAQ for General Public Health

Gov. Kelly Executive Order temporarily suspending utility and internet disconnects

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