Mother’s Day Nursing Home Gifts

Mothers Day Card with little gifts - Mother’s Day Nursing Home Gifts

6 Gift ideas: From Low-Cost to High-Tech

Mothers Day Card with little gifts - Mother’s Day Nursing Home Gifts

Just as we’re feeling refreshed from the start of spring, we are also feeling blessed looking forward to the wonderful memories that get made every Mothers Day here at Mount Hope Nursing Center. Our residents love when families visit to celebrate this special time with their mother, aunt, grandmother or friend. Check out our events calendar to see the variety of events and activities we have coming up on and around Mothers Day!

If you are planning to visit your loved one here at Mount Hope or at another nursing home facility, you may be wondering what are some good ideas for Mother’s Day gifts you can give? Fortunately, there are a lot of great ideas for presents she will appreciate and many of them are not expensive!

One of the Best Mothers Day Gifts is You!

Your visit alone is probably what your loved one considers the greatest gift. We hope to see many faces here as we celebrate this wonderful day at our nursing center. And we know Mother’s Day can bring out some very creative and thoughtful ideas for presents. But what gifts are best for someone living in a nursing home or other assisted facility? While this environment may pose challenges of purchasing something rather large, it also creates new opportunities you may not have considered.

Ideas for Thoughtful Mother’s Day Nursing Home Gifts

image004 - Mother’s Day Nursing Home GiftsFramed photos. Seeing the faces of our loved ones is such a special and thoughtful present. And for those who are further away from family and friends, photographs of familiar faces they see every day can help them feel connected more connected to their loved ones. It is also beneficial for their memory care to have reminders of familiar people and things around them on a regular basis.

image006 - Mother’s Day Nursing Home GiftsGames. Puzzles and games are great for keeping a person’s minds active, no matter how old she is. Whether it’s a board game, a jigsaw puzzle or a crossword puzzle, a game provides mental stimulation and often great socializing opportunities. One way to make this a truly special Mother’s Day nursing home gift is by customizing it! For not much more than the cost of a regular jigsaw puzzle, Walmart and other places will allow you to turn one of your own pictures into a personalized jigsaw puzzle.

image008 - Mother’s Day Nursing Home GiftsToiletries. Does your mother or grandmother have a favorite perfume or soap? Has she been able to continue purchasing it while in the care of a nursing facility? If not, a favorite product – no matter how small or inexpensive – may really brighten her day. Have fun with the presentation and make it part of a gift basket! Pull together several items she likes, or perhaps find items scented with her favorite flower or other smell, and present these gift items in a beautiful basket or container. The extra effort of putting together a custom-made present will truly be appreciated.

image010 - Mother’s Day Nursing Home GiftsStuffed Animal. We at Mount Hope believe no one is too old for a cuddly stuffed friend, but more than that, a stuffed animal can be a great Mother’s Day nursing home gift. Did your mother or grandmother have a pet years ago but is not able to have one now? A stuffed version of that animal may encourage her think back to her wonderful memories of that pet. And for patients with dementia, a soft animal with long hair that can be combed might be of special comfort.

image012 - Mother’s Day Nursing Home GiftsStationary, Stamps, and a Pen Pal! Staying connected to family and friends is a wonderful way to keep your mind active, improve your memory, and feel loved. Splurge on some very nice stationary for her to write letters to friends and family. Along with a gift of stationary, provide your time in replying to her letters yourself. In this modern age of texting and social media, we can easily forget about the personable form of communication that is unique with letters. These often take more time to write and so provide more thought and consideration in the words you put down.

To make this truly an excellent Mother’s Day gift, be sure to provide all the items needed for correspondence such as envelopes and nice pens. Perhaps you could include a nice container like a beautiful hat box for her to keep it all in. And while you’re visiting, take the time to find out if she has the addresses of the people to whom she wants to write. This is where your smartphone skills will come in handy! Help her to collect the addresses of her family and friends. And don’t forget to include plenty of stamps!

image014 - Mother’s Day Nursing Home GiftsiPad (or another tablet). You may be surprised to know that a growing number of people adapting to touch-screen tablet technology are the elderly. Many older people are using these devices for a very specific reason – to read! The reason why iPads, Kindles and other electronic reading devices have become popular is because these tablets offer the ability to increase the font size of the words. As we get older, many of us must switch to large print books, but it’s not always easy to find the large print version of every book we want to read. Also, at some point even large print isn’t large enough. Electronic tablets offer people the ability to greatly increase the words to be better seen. In addition, you can change the screen’s lighting setting to make it brighter and easier to read. Another reason why iPads and tablets make for great nursing home gifts is the ability the provide a person to connect with family and friends through the internet.

Looking for even more ideas for Mothers Day gifts?

There are many other great gift ideas that are excellent for those in a nursing home. Check out online gift ideas for seniors here or this at list of 74 ideas for elderly friends.


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