Making Special Moments at Mount Hope

Staff coordinates thrilling Harley birthday ride for our resident motorcycle-enthusiast!

Here at Mount Hope, we like to say our team goes above and beyond to provide for a healthy and enjoyable life for all our residents. But nowhere has this commitment to treating everyone like family been made more evident than a recent motorcycle ride just outside our nursing home.


IMG953700951558633736549 pp - Making Special Moments at Mount HopeMark (aka Big’un) is a resident here at Mount Hope Nursing Center. He is a motorcycle enthusiast and even used to ride a Harley. This is not an interest you might expect someone living in an adult care facility would have the opportunity to enjoy. But on Mark’s birthday, that’s exactly what we were able to make happen.

Janelle Cape with Encore Therapy arranged for a special birthday ride for Mark. It was the Wednesday before Memorial Day. Despite the record-level rains and flooding much of Kansas has seen this spring, we were treated with clear skies (and a dry road) for Mark to fully enjoy this motorcycle ride.


IMG953704951558633736555 - Making Special Moments at Mount Hope“A big shout out to Mount Hope Nursing Center Jenelle. The staff. The generous bikers who gave of their time. Jenelle, Marks physical therapist, found out he use to ride a Harley. She set up this event to let him feel the wind once again. You can watch the news and think the world is an awful place to be. Or you can watch people reaching out to people in ways that make you cry. I wish I could share each person’s story that was there. You learn loss and pain makes you full of compassion and ready to ease the pain of others. God bless each one that made this moment special for Mark aka Big’un best birthday gift ever.”

-Kim Kauffman


Check out our YouTube channel to watch Mark’s Harley birthday ride!

Our team at Mount Hope, from nurses to physical therapists to everyone in between, works hard to make all our residents like family. We appreciate the creative work of Janelle going above and beyond to make Mark’s birthday a very special day. Mount Hope’s small staff is a personal staff.

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