Help for Caregivers of Elderly Parents

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The Emergency Checklist Every Caregiver Needs

When a family member is no longer able to care for themselves in a way that makes it safe for them to be as independent as they once were, it’s quite common for someone in the family to step up and become that person’s caregiver. While there are professional formal elderly caregivers who are paid to provide this service, more than 43 million people provide the unpaid caregiving support to a loved one each year in the United States. Most of those people are caring for an aging person, often a parent.

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Caregiver: Daily Tasks

How caregivers spend their time depends upon the needs of the person they are caring for. But by far, the most amount of time will be spent handling such day-to-day tasks as

  • Shopping
  • Making food
  • Cleaning the house
  • Doing laundry
  • Driving the person in their care to various appointments and places
  • Providing medication

Other tasks that caregivers often perform include dressing, grooming, and bathing assistance.

A Caregiver’s Emergency Checklist

In order to make sure your loved one is cared for in case there’s a situation when you suddenly cannot be their caregiver, you will want to gather several important items. Find a folder, envelope, or other secure place to store important documents and pieces of information. You will need to make sure that is will be easy to find and access by others should such a situation arise.

  • Caregiver FOlder2 - Help for Caregivers of Elderly ParentsMedication information
    • Compile a full list of what medications should be administered including information on when they need to be given and dosage amount.
    • Include which physicians prescribed the medicines and the pharmacy that filled them so that they can be re-ordered easily.
  • Copies of legal documents:
    • You should include copies of insurance cards, copies of their long-term care insurance policy or other insurance paperwork.
    • You may also have to include a will, a power of attorney, a DNR or other legal documents.
  • Health & Medical information
    • Record all the different physicians they see along with their contact information.
    • Include a list of their medical history: surgeries, past illnesses and diseases
  • Special dietary needs
    • Provide necessary information regarding any food or diet restrictions they have.
 Caregiver: A Pressure of Responsibility

It takes a lot of time and patience to be a caregiver, especially to be providing care to a loved one who is declining in health or mental capacity. Being a caregiver to an older family member can be very stressful. According to a recent study, nearly half of all caregivers feel that these tasks are their responsibility because no one else is able to do it and they can’t afford to pay for a formal caregiver when insurance won’t cover it.

Help for Caregivers at Mount Hope Nursing Center in Kansas

Mount Hope Nursing Center provides a variety of care services for the elderly, and this goes well beyond nursing care. Mount Hope provides specific services that support caregivers who cannot be available to provide all the care their loved one needs.

Adult Day Care & Adult Night Care
If your loved one is struggling to live by themselves at a time when you cannot provide care, your loved one can receive the care they need, either day or night, at our center. They will receive expert care by trained and friendly professionals. Not only that, but we provide great opportunities for activity and socialization, from our warm community spaces to a full calendar of events.

Mt Hope Sign Fields 208x300 - Help for Caregivers of Elderly ParentsRespite Care
For caregivers who find themselves not being able to provide care for a period of time, whether it’s having to be away handling other responsibilities or are simply in need some time for their own personal self-care, elderly care facilities like Mount Hope Nursing Center provide those opportunities. Whether you need just a couple of days to a couple of weeks, we can provide the respite care to your loved one when you can’t. You can be away knowing that they are in a safe environment, being cared for by a trained and friendly professional staff and are being provided the opportunity for activity and socialization with events for the many people who call Mount Hope home. Plus, we are conveniently located in a small town just minutes outside of cities like Wichita and Hutchinson. Our residents greatly enjoy the relaxing country atmosphere that the town of Mount Hope is known for.

We also provide short-term therapy care which includes short-term rehab services and outpatient rehab therapy.

Therapy Services at Mount Hope:
Is Becoming A Caregiver Right for You & Your Family?

elder care guide cover 249x300 - Help for Caregivers of Elderly ParentsIf your loved one is struggling with remaining independent in their own home, it is the time to consider options to make sure they are safe. Perhaps a friend or family member can provide the caregiver support they need to maintain much of their independence and ability to live at home. They may not be ready to move into a nursing home facility but be aware that there are many other options outside of a nursing home that you should considering in determining the right choice for your loved one. You will find information about the various levels of  care as well as assessment checklists to help you determine what specific care your loved one needs in our Elderly Care Guide.

Support for Caretakers & Family with Loved Ones Needing Elderly Care

We understand that this can be a difficult time for all people involved, and we are here to help. Many of our staff members have gone through the process of transitioning a loved one to a nursing home, independent living or coordinating home health care. Please feel free to give us a call at (316) 667-2431 or contact us online. Having cared for senior citizens in central Kansas for nearly half a century, we have worked with thousands of people with different abilities, and so we can help you find out what care is needed in your situation. We are happy to answer any questions you might have or support you in any way we can.

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