Happy Mother’s Day from Jasper!

Jasper Mothers Day - Happy Mother’s Day from Jasper!

Jasper Mothers Day - Happy Mother’s Day from Jasper!I hear lots of people talking about Mother’s Day!

I understand that this is a special day that we celebrate our moms. This sounds like a wonderful day. I love my hooman mom. She buys me treats, takes me for rides and plays with me.

I am one lucky puppy because I have a LOT of “adopted” hoomans moms here at the Mount Hope nursing center where I work. The hugs these wonderful ladies give me are awesome! Sometimes they want to slip me treats from their plates, but my mom Gina tells them I can’t have their food (it sure smells good though!)

I especially enjoy cuddling up in the recliner with my hoomans – they keep me toasty, while they pet me and I love it!! It seems I can’t get enough moms. Even more wonderful people could be here to pet and love me. I would be happy to visit even more laps! Schedule a tour at Mount Hope. I will be happy to show you around!

Gina Holding Jasper Medium 1024x725 - Happy Mother’s Day from Jasper!This Mother’s Day, take time to celebrate your Mom. I know I’ll be spending the day playing with my hooman Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful ladies who are moms either by birth or adoption – you make the world go ‘round!

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