Hang Up on Medicare Scammers

March 11, 2019

Recently, the City of Mount Hope, Kansas put out an important reminder, vital for anyone with Medicare. They issued a warning to anyone with Medicare to NOT give out your Medicare number to anyone. There were apparently recent reports of medicare scam artists calling people trying to get this information. These criminals may try to scare you by claiming that your card hasn’t been activated in order to trick you into give them your Medicare number with a promise to fix it. The truth is, they will not fix any problem. They are only trying to rob you of your information. This is Identity Theft.

Why is this happening now?

Last year, Medicare started sending new cards to everyone who gets Medicare benefits. This would replace your Social Security number.

What do these Medicare Scammers say?

It’s very likely that when one of these scam artists calls you, they will claim to be a Medicare representative. According to officials at the Federal Trade Commission, here are some of the tactics criminals might use to try to steal your information:

  1. They might ask you to verify your information so that they can steal your information.
  2. They may tell you there is a fee for this new card. In fact, there is no new fee.
  3. They may try to convince you of is that your Medicare card was compromised and that in order to keep your information safe, you need to move money from your bank account into another account. This is also a lie. If you follow through with this deception, you will be putting money right into their own accounts.

The Facts on Your New Medicare Card

Medicare card new 300x189 - Hang Up on Medicare Scammers

  • There is no fee for the new Medicare card. It is completely free.
  • You don’t need to move money into different accounts.
  • Your Medicare card is on paper. There are NO legitimate plastic versions.
  • You do NOT need to give out personal information to receive your Medicare card.

Was my loved one scammed?

Unfortunately, the elderly are primary targets for these identity thieves. We all need to be diligent to protect ourselves AND our aging loved ones. If you know someone you worry could fall victim to a scam such as this, try to work in conversations about these sorts of dangers in your everyday conversations. Even just asking if they received any interesting phone calls may reveal whether they’ve received a call and how well they were able to handle any potential deception.

We are proud of the City of Mount Hope for alerting all our residents of important information we need to know to keep ourselves and our personal information safe. Identity Theft is a real crime and a nightmare for anyone who falls victim to it.  They posted this warning on their Facebook page, which we also shared immediately on our Facebook page. If you use Facebook, please consider following us there (even though most of our posts are about good news and the fun our staff and nursing home residents have at Mount Hope Nursing Center).

For more information about the new Medicare cards, go to go.medicare.gov/newcard.

And if you’re a victim of a scam, report it to the FTC.

For other financial questions you may have regarding medicare, financial matters regarding elderly care, or our nursing home facility, please contact us at Mount Hope Nursing Center. We are happy to help!

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