Growing a Garden at Mount Hope

Photo of nursing home resident and staff sitting by outside container garden

A Resident is Seeing the Fruits of his Labor

Danny Stephanie Container Garden - Growing a Garden at Mount Hope

Danny picking tomatoes 225x300 - Growing a Garden at Mount HopeResidents at Mount Hope Nursing Center can be found exploring the passions they love here inside our nursing home facility… and outside!

Danny Swafford is one of our residents here at Mount Hope. He has a green thumb and decided to share his gardening talents by taking on a gardening project at our facility. With the assistance of our Activity Director Stephanie Falcon, Danny started a container garden. He planted a variety of plants including potatoes, tomatoes and jalapeno peppers.

Danny and Stephanie have been taking care to water and tend to his container garden and their work has paid off! Right in the middle of summer, Danny was able to pick the first of his tomatoes growing well in his container garden.

We love seeing our residents enjoy whatever activities they most enjoy and are so happy to see Danny’s efforts be so successful!

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