Concerned About the Cost of a Nursing Home?

Graphic showing Medicaid pays for 65% of nursing home resident care in Kansas

Help with Medicaid & Affording Long Term Care

Paying for an aging loved one to get the care they need is almost always overwhelming. When you realize they need more care than they are currently getting, such as needing to enter a nursing home, you may be faced with additional costs and paperwork.

At Mount Hope Nursing Center, we regularly deal with families facing these sorts of financial situations. And we are here to help. We have a wealth of experienced in the Medicaid process, insurance and all the various monetary issues that come with transitioning a loved one to a long-term care facility. Watch this video from Mount Hope Nursing Center Administrator Gina Terry:

The cost of long-term care is not cheap, unfortunately. Most of the time our facility is over 50% that is Medicaid, so that’s state help in paying for the long-term care.

We’re very well skilled at helping the families process the necessary paperwork. It is its own headache and that’s the other part that can be overwhelming for families. So when you come in if that’s the question of “I don’t know how we’re going to pay for this,” well then let’s look at Medicaid. There’s a whole bunch of financial documents that we help you gather and put together to help fill out the Medicaid application and that can take anywhere from two to four weeks typically to get an answer back what that’s going to be like.

That’s the other part I think that is overwhelming for families to think this is between $5500 and $6500 a month depending on level of care. That’s huge and that number usually tells everybody I can’t do this. But if you can’t care for them and keep both of you safe, then that’s not a viable option either. So, while it can be overwhelming and stressful we’re here to help process that, get you all the information that you need, help guide you through that so we can get your claim processed, and your parent can be here and be taken care of.

Please just call us. We’re more than happy to help anyway we can.”

-Gina Terry, Mt Hope Nursing Center Administrator

If you have a loved one who may be needing long-term care and you have questions on the costs of nursing home or how Medicaid might help, call Mount Hope Nursing Center at (316) 667-2431.

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If you are facing tough decisions of care and costs for an elderly loved one, contact us. Even if you just need to talk and ask questions. Call (316) 667-2431 or email Administrator Gina Terry. Or you can send us a message online.

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