Celebrating Mother’s Day at Mt Hope

Mount Hope nursing home resident showing a Mother's Day message shared on Facebook

Making Memories During the Coronavirus

May, 2020

Mother’s Day is a big cause for celebration for everyone at Mount Hope Nursing Center. It’s a time when many of our nursing home residents are delighted by visits and parties and gatherings.  Unfortunately, none of the usual celebrations would be happening this year at our residence.

Mount Hope nursing home resident showing a Mother's Day message shared on FacebookWith the coronavirus pandemic still causing very serious threats to our community, and especially to nursing homes, we had to find new ways to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Visitors are still not allowed to come visit their friends and family who live here at Mount Hope Nursing Center. This continues to be a strict and important regulation from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. With the elderly and those with underlying conditions being at extra risk for complications with COVID-19, they simply can’t risk exposure to the illness carried by people (who could be non-symptomatic) visiting our facility.

Using Technology to Make Mother’s Day Celebrations

We were determined to make Mother’s Day continue to be a special day to our residents. Thanks to technology and a very dedicated staff, we did everything possible to encourage and provide a way for people to connect with their loved ones here. Using such video conferencing opportunities like Skype and FaceTime, many Mount Hope Nursing Center residents were able to see and speak with their families and friends on Mother’s Day!

Mount Hope Nursing Center is fortunate to have such a wonderful Facebook community, so we made sure to keep our friends and followers a part of our celebrations. We created a way for residents to send their own special message to their family. Our posts of their photos and messages were warmly received!

How to Visit Family in the Nursing Home

We continue providing ways for friends and family to visit their loved ones here at Mount Hope virtually. If you want to check in on your mother, grandmother or other loved one, just ask us! Call us at (316) 667-2431 or send us a message online. We will work to coordinate a way for you to have a virtual visit. After all, it’s never too late to wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day!

Stay in the Know with Facebook!

If you haven’t yet joined us on Facebook, be sure to follow Mount Hope Nursing Center’s page. We regularly post photos of what’s happening inside our facility. Also, Administrator Gina Terry provides ongoing updates regarding the Coronavirus and how Mt Hope Nursing Center is adapting and keeping all our residents and staff safe and protected. We are able to do this, in no small part, thanks to the overwhelming support of our community!

“Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms reading this!

Happy Mother’s Day to our strong, resilient, beautiful Moms residing at Mt Hope Nursing Center and those around the world. What a unique day this is. Historically families would be gathering to celebrate their Matriarch – today at nursing homes across America they will be visiting at the windows to spend time with these lovely ladies.

Sacrifice and courage are hallmark attributes of the Greatest Generation – today those will be on full display again as they visit on the phone telling their families “I’m fine, I miss you and I love you!”

Praying God holds each of you up today along with the great Moms in nursing homes everywhere – Those that live in the nursing home and those providing the care.
We love & appreciate all of you!”

– Gina Terry, Mount Hope Nursing Center Administrator

You can read more about the measures and precautions we are taking at Mount Hope Nursing Center in this blog with ongoing updates.

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