Woof and Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope you had as great of a time over the holidays as I did. I got presents and treats and sooooo many laps to sit in! As it is still my first year at Mount Hope (which makes sense, since I haven’t even turned 1 yet), I get a lot of questions. What am I? I am Jasper, of …

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Woof and Happy Holidays, everyone!

Jasper Blog header 1294x555 - Woof and Happy Holidays, everyone!

This will be my first Christmas here at Mount Hope Nursing Center. It will also be my VERY FIRST CHRISTMAS EVER! I am so excited. I really hope Santa gets my list in time. I am not at all worried about being on the naughty list. Not only does everyone tell me I’m a GOOD BOY, but I just graduated …

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