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7 Reasons to Seek out Elderly Respite Care

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Many of the people who live and receive service here at Mount Hope Nursing Center had relied upon other people before trusting us with their care. Across the country, the majority of care given to people in need, disabled by advanced age, illness or disability, is provided by family or friends. More than 43 million people provide unpaid caregiving support to a loved one each year in the United States. The reasons vary why people choose to handle the care for friends and family in need, but often it’s because of a desire to stay close with the person and/or to avoid the cost of professional care services.

But changes in the healthcare and caregiving industry have made it so there are more options available to caregivers, including services we provide here at Mount Hope.

What is Respite Care?

Respite care is a short-term service provided by a professional or a professional organization care for a person who is in the care of a family member or friend. This respite care provides that person’s caregiver the ability to handle responsibilities in other areas of their life, to travel, or to simply receive a break from the often burdensome and stressful task of caring for a declining loved one.

According to a study done by the Family Caregiver Alliance,

“The primary purposes of caregiver respite are to decrease the individual and family stresses associated with caregiving, and to postpone the need for institutionalization of the care recipient.”

Respite care can last anywhere from two days to a couple of weeks, depending on the need of the caregiver.

The History of Respite Care

image001 300x203 - Care for the CaregiversThe first respite care programs didn’t begin until the 1970s. The various services and resources available as part of respite care quickly expanded over the 80’s. By 1999 8.5% of unpaid caregivers had used respite care services. But 16 years later, that number nearly doubled to 15.7%.

Mount Hope Nursing Center started as a nursing home facility in 1973. Over the decades we expanded the services we provided to the aging population in central Kansas, including providing respite care.

7 Reasons for Choosing Respite Care Services
  1. It delays moving your loved one into a full-time facility. You have determined that the level of care they need is something you are able to provide and that they don’t need the extra help and services that are provided at a long-term care facility like a nursing home. But you know you are faced with times or situations where you can’t always, or can’t easily, provide this ongoing care. Getting respite care at those times can help fill the gap needed to ensure care can continue when you, the caregiver, is not able.
  2. It helps you better assess what a person’s care needs are. You may identify that a parent or other aging relative is starting to need extra care, supervision, or assistance with day-to-day living. You may be wondering if you are able to handle their current or future level of care needs. Over time, as the person’s condition deteriorates, it can be difficult to know exactly when the next stage of care is required. Choosing to use respite care at a place like Mount Hope may help provide you not just relief in caregiving, but also insight into how much care your loved one will need in the foreseeable future.
  3. Your care is needed for others. As our elderly population continues to grow, people who have been caring for one aging loved one may find they are needed to help with another. For example, perhaps you have been assisting your father so he could continue living at home but now your mother is also facing support and help. This additional responsibility may be difficult for one person to maintain and so coordinating to receive respite care at times may allow you to be able to take on the additional work.
  4. You are stressed out. As a caregiver, you may be focused on ensuring your loved one is being taken care of at the detriment to yourself. Has the stress of focusing on another individual’s needs kept you from doing the things you need to care for yourself? Have you been neglecting such self-care activities as eating right, exercising, socializing, or participating in activities you enjoy? It is not selfish to take the time to make sure you are getting the care you need, and respite care provides caregivers with the time and opportunity to do just that.
  5. Your loved one has had major surgery, an injury or an illness. Caregivers may find themselves suddenly needed to provide extra care for a period of time after their loved one has suffered a serious ailment or has undergone a surgery. During recovery time, more care may be needed than you are easily able to provide. Seeking out respite care to help cover these additional needs period may allow you to better get through this time.
  6. You need to travel. Whether for business or pleasure, if you find that you need to leave town and can’t be able to care for your loved one, respite care is a great resource that can provide the care you need in your absence.
  7. Respite Care is easier to get than you realize! You do have many options when it comes to receiving respite care. In fact, just putting out a request to family and friends may result in finding caregiver support to help take some of the burden off of you. If you do need to seek outside assistance for respite, places like Mount Hope Nursing Center make it very easy to coordinate this care. Contact us to let us know what questions or concerns you have about respite care. We would be happy to help you understand your options.
When is it Time to get Respite Care?

According to the National Respite Network, you should not wait to seek out respite care: “To be most effective, you should use respite services much earlier than you think you will need them. Respite will be most helpful if you use it before you become exhausted, isolated or overwhelmed by your responsibilities.”

Preparing for Respite Care

elder care guide cover 249x300 - Care for the CaregiversThere are a few things that you should do when seeking out respite care to ensure they are providing the care your loved one needs, such as creating a Caregiver’s Emergency Checklist of important legal and medical information.

If you are not sure what level of care is required for your love one or you don’t know about all the available options you have in ensuring an elderly person is getting the care that’s right for them, we have created a guide to help. You will find information about the various levels of elderly care as well as assessment checklists to help you determine what specific care your loved one needs in our Elderly Care Guide.

Help for Caregivers at Mount Hope Nursing Center in Kansas

Mount Hope Nursing Center provides a variety of care services for the elderly, and this goes well beyond respite care. Mount Hope provides specific services that support caregivers who cannot be available to provide all the care their loved one needs.

Adult Day Care & Adult Night Care
If your loved one is struggling to live by themselves at a time when you cannot provide care, your loved one can receive the care they need, either day or night, at our center. They will receive expert care by trained and friendly professionals. Not only that, but we provide great opportunities for activity and socialization, from our warm community spaces to a full calendar of events.

Craft Table helper 300x199 - Care for the CaregiversYou can be away knowing that they are in a safe environment, being cared for by a trained and friendly professional staff and are being provided the opportunity for activity and socialization with events for the many people who call Mount Hope home. Plus, we are conveniently located in a small town just minutes outside of cities like Wichita and Hutchinson. Our residents greatly enjoy the relaxing country atmosphere that the town of Mount Hope is known for.

We understand that this can be a difficult time for all people involved, and we are here to help. Many of our staff members have gone through the process of transitioning a loved one to a nursing home, independent living or coordinating home health care. Please feel free to give us a call at (316) 667-2431 or contact us online. Having cared for senior citizens in central Kansas for nearly half a century, we have worked with thousands of people with different abilities, and so we can help you find out what care is needed in your situation. We are happy to answer any questions you might have or support you in any way we can.


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