Zero Antipsychotics: Recognition of Exceptional Quality Care

National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care in Nursing Homes: Antipsychotic Medication Use Data Report

Mount Hope Nursing Center Reduces Antipsychotic Use to Zero A new effort has been underway by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to reduce the amount of antipsychotics prescribed to patients in nursing homes. Not only has Mount Hope Nursing Center been able to achieve that, our team of experienced staff is incredibly proud that we can report …

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What Makes Mount Hope Nursing Center Special?

Photo of Mount Hope Nursing Center team of nurses and staff at summer event

Staff Share What Makes Mt Hope a Wonderful Place to Live & Work For far too long, the image of what it’s like to live in a nursing home has been a bad one. Unfortunately, that is what many people still believe about nursing homes today. But if you go inside a care facility like the one we’ve been operating …

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Art at Mount Hope – Poetic Dedication

Mount Hope Nursing Center logo

A Lovely Ode from a Resident At Mount Hope, we are surrounded by a variety of people with different interests and backgrounds who live and work here every day. Some of these people are incredibly talented. For that reason, we want to showcase the various artwork that our residents are doing while enjoying life here in our nursing home in …

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Growing a Garden at Mount Hope

Photo of nursing home resident and staff sitting by outside container garden

A Resident is Seeing the Fruits of his Labor Residents at Mount Hope Nursing Center can be found exploring the passions they love here inside our nursing home facility… and outside! Danny Swafford is one of our residents here at Mount Hope. He has a green thumb and decided to share his gardening talents by taking on a gardening project …

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Happy Birthday To Me!

Jasper with staff and residents at his birthday party at Mount Hope

Wow. This summer has been so great at Mount Hope Nursing Center. In fact, the latest party has been my favorite so far. Probably because it was my very first birthday party! As resident lap-sitter and (almost official) Morale Director here at Mount Hope, I was so very happy to have my first birthday be surrounded by all the people …

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What is a Convalescent Home?

The difference between convalescent homes and nursing homes What is a Convalescent Home? While the term convalescent home is often used synonymously with nursing home, they are really two separate things, although with a lot of similarities. Understanding what a convalescent home is and assessing whether that is the proper facility for your needs or those of a family member …

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Making Special Moments at Mount Hope

Staff coordinates thrilling Harley birthday ride for our resident motorcycle-enthusiast! Here at Mount Hope, we like to say our team goes above and beyond to provide for a healthy and enjoyable life for all our residents. But nowhere has this commitment to treating everyone like family been made more evident than a recent motorcycle ride just outside our nursing home. …

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National Skilled Nursing Home Week

Celebrating Caregivers Who Work to Make Lives Happier What is National Skilled Nursing Week? This special week honoring caregivers across the country was originally known by a different name. Before last year, it was celebrated as National Nursing Home Week. The name was changed to reflect the increasingly complex medical care provided in facilities and the variety of ways people …

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Happy Mother’s Day from Jasper!

Jasper Mothers Day - Happy Mother’s Day from Jasper!

I hear lots of people talking about Mother’s Day! I understand that this is a special day that we celebrate our moms. This sounds like a wonderful day. I love my hooman mom. She buys me treats, takes me for rides and plays with me. I am one lucky puppy because I have a LOT of “adopted” hoomans moms here …

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