Making Special Moments at Mount Hope

Staff coordinates thrilling Harley birthday ride for our resident motorcycle-enthusiast! Here at Mount Hope, we like to say our team goes above and beyond to provide for a healthy and enjoyable life for all our residents. But nowhere has this commitment to treating everyone like family been made more evident than a recent motorcycle ride just outside our nursing home. …

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Safe Bathrooms for the Elderly

It is never too soon to improve the bathroom safety for seniors or an aging loved one. Even if you are not aware that they have had an issue with balance or have had a fall, taking early steps can prevent this dangerous, and all too common, hazard from happening to your elderly family member or friend. Every year, millions …

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National Skilled Nursing Home Week

Celebrating Caregivers Who Work to Make Lives Happier What is National Skilled Nursing Week? This special week honoring caregivers across the country was originally known by a different name. Before last year, it was celebrated as National Nursing Home Week. The name was changed to reflect the increasingly complex medical care provided in facilities and the variety of ways people …

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Happy Mother’s Day from Jasper!

Jasper Mothers Day - Happy Mother’s Day from Jasper!

I hear lots of people talking about Mother’s Day! I understand that this is a special day that we celebrate our moms. This sounds like a wonderful day. I love my hooman mom. She buys me treats, takes me for rides and plays with me. I am one lucky puppy because I have a LOT of “adopted” hoomans moms here …

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Mother’s Day Nursing Home Gifts

Mothers Day Card with little gifts - Mother’s Day Nursing Home Gifts

6 Gift ideas: From Low-Cost to High-Tech Just as we’re feeling refreshed from the start of spring, we are also feeling blessed looking forward to the wonderful memories that get made every Mother’s Day here at Mount Hope Nursing Center. Our residents love when families visit to celebrate this special time with their mother, aunt, grandmother or friend. Check out …

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What legal decisions should be made before entering a Nursing Home?

Choosing to enter a nursing home can be a stressful time. With all the arrangements you are having to handle, it can be easy to miss some important steps or simply not be aware of all the necessary tasks at this time. One activity that will require some effort on your part is to make sure some important legal documents …

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Mount Hope: Rated in Top 10% of all Kansas nursing homes

Top 10 seal banner 1294x420 - Mount Hope: Rated in Top 10% of all Kansas nursing homes

New report lists Mount Hope Nursing Center as one of the best in the state Mount Hope Nursing Center is committed to providing only the best care to each and every resident, and so we are incredibly proud for all our efforts to be acknowledged in a recent study that looked at the hundreds of long-term care facilities in Kansas. …

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Hang Up on Medicare Scammers

Recently, the City of Mount Hope put out an important reminder, vital for anyone with Medicare. They issued a warning to anyone with Medicare to NOT give out your Medicare number to anyone. There were apparently recent reports of scam artists calling people trying to get this information. These criminals may try to scare you by claiming that your card …

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The Power of Jasper (and other furry friends)

20181008 125148 Large - The Power of Jasper (and other furry friends)

Do you ever get the feeling you’re not accomplishing much? I sometimes feel that way, too. Especially on those really cold days of the winter when I can’t get out and run around in the warm sun. That snow is just too cold for my paws. But it turns out, by not doing much, I’m really doing quite a lot! …

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