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A Lovely Ode from a Resident

At Mount Hope, we are surrounded by a variety of people with different interests and backgrounds who live and work here every day. Some of these people are incredibly talented. For that reason, we want to showcase the various artwork that our residents are doing while enjoying life here in our nursing home in the beautiful country that is Mount Hope, Kansas. And we start with a poetry submission from Sonny.

The Art of Poetry

Sonny was inspired by the people who have made his life better, including some women here at Mount Hope. He was kind and giving enough to put his thoughts to paper and wrote this poem:

Ladies in Sonny’s Life

Gratefully dedicated to the wonderful Women in My Life

My Mother…
She gave me life
She fed me, clothed me, she gave me her precious time.

Teachers in School…
They taught me how to pray.
They showed me how to write, read and count.

Young Ladies…
They taught me how to be a gentleman.
They helped me grow into a man

My Wife…
She taught me how to LOVE
She gave me six beautiful children

My friend Marge…
She cared for me
She shared laughs and memories of the good ole days

The Ladies of Mt. Hope…
They take great care of me, keeping me healthy and clean.
They take care of all my needs.

I am grateful for all the wonderful ladies in my life.

Staying Active & Social

Being active and socializing with others is a great way to stay in good spirits, especially when in different surroundings than you’ve had your entire life. At Mount Hope Nursing Center, we may not be what you expect of a nursing home facility. We go above and beyond providing the comforts, activities and entertainment for all our residents to feel safe, cared for and engaged in the life around them. Take a look at our calendar of events to see all that we have available to do inside our community.

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